Ryukyu Glass Technique

Mall design

 After the glass bead is wound by blowing air into the blowing iron,
create a spiral design by blowing while rotating the item on a wet newspaper.
 Each design varies depending on the number of turns.

Crackle design

 After wounding glass melted under 1300 to 1400 degree Celcius using a blowingtube and is shaped, it is dipped into cold water for a moment. The sharp temperature difference produces cracks on the surface which remains as a subtle design.

Baked crackle design

 After making a crackle design, it is stoved again at more than 1,500 degrees using a kiln,
then placing it in cold water and repeatedly continuing this process will create a pattern of a melon like surface.
※Crackle and the Baked crackle designs feel slightly rough.

Foam Glass

 Bubbles are produced by adding sodium bicarbonate to raw materials of glass melted under 1300 to 1400 degree.
 Shaping is done approximately 20 to 30 minutes after.
 The glass ball is removed from the blowing tube and it is then wounded. The color and underlying foam mixes to a soft hue spreading the bubble entirely.
When the foam glass is continually wounded after the molding has been done, the difference between the normal colored glass and the foam glass can be clearly distinguished.
The bubbling time is around 3-4 hours and then more sodium bicarbonate is added to produce more bubbles.