Craftsman introduction

The factory manager has an aura of a proud craftsman, but he is always smiling and full of kindness. His rich sense of color and expertise are impressive. He is a glassblowing professional who has won many prizes at the "OKITEN", the largest art exhibition event in Okinawa.

Factory manager Toyohiko Matsuda Toyohiko Matsuda Hirofumi Fuchaku

The vice-factory manager is characterized by his detailed and meticulous works. He is a mood-maker who is always smiling, but at times he shows a strict image. A veteran craftsman who has won many prizes at the OKITEN.

Although he is a quiet and gentle person, his works are extremely bold and unique. He is a man who does not talk much, but is a pillar of the workshop by teaching young workers through constant "showing." An established craftsman who has also won several prizes at OKITEN.

okuharashusho Munekatsu Okuhara