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Indications Based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transaction

Distributor: Okinawa Kougei Mura

Administration supervisory manager: Shun Murayoshi

The location: 〒 904-0411 6203-1, Onna, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa

Phone number 098-966-2910

Necessary rate except the product price
  - It is transfer fee in case of the purchase by bank transfer.
  - It is COD fee in case of the purchase by C.O.D.
  - The postage in case of the purchase.

Expiration date of application
  It is five days including order day

Defective article
  When initial delinquent whom we occurred within seven days from product arrival is accompanied, we cope by exchange

Sales figures
  There is not designation in particular (there is setting by product)

Delivery time
 We send within from 3 to 10 after order basically,
 It is hard to obtain reservation product, and article tells about arrival day by emails,
 We send out as soon as it is received.

Payment method
  Bank transfer, collect on delivery, cash

Deadline for payment
  - In the case of the bank transfer purchase
    Than order our less than five days designated account transfer.
    When it is over five days, it should be cancellation handling once.
    We hope that you order again
  - In the case of the collect on delivery purchase
   At the time of product delivery, please pay the price to member of NIPPON EXPRESS delivery after the product confirmation
  - In the case of the visit cash purchase
   Please pay at the time of visit

Deadline for returned goods
  It is not accepted returned goods, exchange of product in the early days except when we are bad.

The returned goods postage
  In the case of initial defectiveness, shipment product mistake, we cope by our cash on delivery